Are you tired of having no choice but to hire consultants every time you want to implement a change? Or maybe you’re struggling to deliver against your organizational goals but you don’t know why? 

It might be time for you to invest in capability development.

A capability is the combination of PEOPLE + PROCESS + TOOLS that allows your organization to achieve its goals.

For example, a core capability for a finance department is paying bills and it’s likely that your goal is to pay 100% of your bills on time. But what if you are only achieving that goal 40% of the time? How do you go about analyzing what the problem is and then fixing it?

For many organizations, the solution is to bring in a consultant to tell you what you need to do differently, and that’s certainly a legitimate choice. But as pressure to do things better, faster, and cheaper continues to increase, some leaders are making the choice to build those capabilities in-house, rather than always bringing in external help. This requires a significant up-front investment of time and resources, and it doesn’t make sense for everyone, but in the long run it pays off with lower costs to implement change and increased retention of talented employees, as the opportunity to work on new and interesting projects keeps them challenged and engaged.

So why invest in letting me help you build this capability instead of, say, sending some employees through a Lean Six Sigma program? One reason is that most commercially available methodologies are focused on only one aspect of a capability, and it’s usually process improvement. A Kaizen event or Green Belt program can be incredibly valuable, but they generally don’t address the people aspect of change. Just as importantly, these methodologies aren’t TAILORED to your organization’s specific culture or needs.  If you want CHANGE TO STICK, you need a holistic solution.

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